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                Sentury Tires, the "king of intelligent manufacturing", and Nokian Tires, the "king of snow tires", will open a new era of strong cooperation!

                    Qingdao Sentury Tires Co., Ltd., a high-end tire manufacturer in China and the world's "king of intelligent manufacturing", signed a manufacturing cooperation agreement with Nokian Tires, the world's "king of snow tires", cooperating in the core and high-end tire product field of Nokian Tires and manufacturing the world's most high-end snow tire products under its "Nokian brand" for Nokian Tire, whose snow tires are the most high-performance and high-end snow tire product in the world. Sentury's position as the world's leading "king of intelligent manufacturing" will continue to enable the most high-end products of Nokian tires, whose strong cooperation will fully ensure the high quality, high performance, high standard and high value of tire products ,opening a new era of high-end tire product cooperation.

                    Nokian Tires, headquartered in Nokia, Finland, has a history of more than 100 years, as the world's leading winter tire expert, which is the world's northernmost tire manufacturer, committed to providing security and services for safe transportation all over the world. Nokian Tires holds a number of world records in the field of winter tires:In 2012, it set a world record of 252.09 km/h for the fastest ice electric vehicle; in 2013, it set a world record of 335.713 km/h for the fastest speed of ice vehicles in the world; in 2018, it set a world record of 73.171 km/h for autonomous tractor snow removal. The world's first winter tire was born in Nokian Tire, aiming to solve the problem of tire use in cold weather conditions, and to provide a safety guarantee for the snowy and unpredictable winter road. Since then, Nokian Tires has been on a journey to customize premium winter, summer and four season tires for drivers who value safety, sustainability and innovation. Nikian’s core technology of R&D with strong historical accumulation will ensure the safety, comfort, pleasure and carefree driving experience of winter tire products under extreme driving environment, which is recognized as the "king of snow tire" in the global tire industry, provided with absolute leadership position in the winter tire market.

                    As a high-end representative of China's own brands, Sentury Tires has positioned itself as a high-end brand since its development, gradually establishing a high-end brand image in the international market through continuous market cultivation. The company has built a global competitiveness in high-end products, intelligent manufacturing, refined management, global layout, international sales, and talent specialization, especially, as a model of intelligent manufacturing in the global tire industry, Thailand's Phase II intelligent manufacturing base, which will be officially put into operation in 2022, will bring the level of intelligent manufacturing in the global tire industry to a new height. Sentury Tires’ intelligent manufacturing practice achievements were selected into the intelligent manufacturing demonstration project of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China for three consecutive years from 2016 to 2018, which is recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China as the "Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Factory of 2022". It is the only Chinese tire enterprise that has won the national level intelligent manufacturing honor four times, which  is well deserved as the global "king of intelligent manufacturing".

                The two tire kings officially launched a long-term and strategic partnership. In addition to the determined cooperation in the core and high-end tire product field of Nokian Tires, the two sides are expected to deepen cooperation in more fields such as environmental protection and green development in the future. The concepts of "honoring the environment", "green development", "striving for perfection" and "pursuing the ultimate high-end of products" are the values of the two tire enterprises, expecting that the two enterprises will give full play to their respective advantages to create more sparks, create a more stable and innovative cooperation model, and bring the best tire products under the guidance of environmental protection and ultimate product concepts to global consumers.